Scenario Analysis No. 6 – What you need to know about Modules in a business system?


Business systems designed for businesses are usually based on functions reflecting the structure of the business. This is to allow each set of tasks to be provided with the applicable system processes.


Hence, as per the slide above, we will find Module(s) to cater for Front-end of the business, Module(s) to cater for the middle part, and Module(s) to cater for the Back-end.

Very seldom do we find a system that combines all functions is a single compressed Module. The complexity to process would be very high and bugs in the programming would be difficult to isolate and fixed.

What this means is that a particular transaction entered in one Module, may be worked on additionally in another Module. For instance, an Inventory Module would be integrated with the Accounting Module and the Invoicing Module; with different staff being assigned to be accountable for the process under their care. GNZ



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