Scenario Analysis No. 18 – Managing collections as deposits before invoices are issued? What you can do to ensure proper recording for your business!

In business, sometimes it is expected that the customer to pay deposit upfront. The invoice is only issued later when the service/item is delivered and the remaining balance paid. How to track the transactions to ensure that for every invoice issued by the business, the deposit payment and the remaining balance payment are accordingly linked to the invoice.

Below is my proposal on how, system-wise, the transactions can be managed. Effectively, the two receipts for the cash received are to be identified as payments for the single invoice issued. With this approach, all invoices are accounted for (together with the delivery of services/items by the business to the customer) and the payments are correctly and fully received by the business. The example is from an SME dealing in motor vehicle insurance.

The file on the write-up is as follows:


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