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  • Cloud-based Office Management System

Our focus is on financial management and accounting aspects of SMEs, and towards this end we deal in tools in the form of cloud-based internet software. This software which runs on the latest computing technology is offered as the fundamental framework for business management of SMEs.

We also offer in-depth analysis and review of business process in coming up with recommendations for improvement particularly for SME start-ups.

  • Accounting Training Services

It is also our desire to contribute towards upskilling the competency level in computerized accounting and business systems for SME staff. Towards this end, we provide training services to bridge the gaps identified. We are a strong believer in the saying: “A System is as Good as the Person who Runs It”.

The skills to manage information related to finance and accounts which is stored electronically require special attention since there are no physical hard-copy of accounting records in the digital business ecosystems. We also offer extraction and analysis of business information via Excel spreadsheet and templates.

  • Translation Services

We are a certified translator and provide services for the translation of articles in the English Language to Bahasa Melayu, and vice-versa.

Thus far, we have translated articles related to Annual Reports, Event Programs and Academic write-ups.


Zuriadah Abas

Graduated from the University of East Anglia in the UK with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. Working experience as Analyst Programmer with major electronic companies.

Gazali Jaafar

Graduated from the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya with an MBA in General Management. A professionally qualified accountant, with many years of working experience in various capacities in accounting and related areas.


We are located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

|FB: facebook.com/gnzbiz |Site: gnzbiz.wordpress.com  |Email: gazali.jaafar@gmail.com



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